Is it time for a website makeover?

Is it time for a website makeover?

It is crucial in the digital age for businesses to have a reliable website.  Website design and content are often viewed as the top priority, but navigation, functionality, and SEO are equally as important. Basically, you want your website to look good, be up to date, provide a good user experience, and power lead generation. Here’s a simple guide to maintaining your site, and making sure content, design, and your business’s searchability is up to date.

How often should you redesign your website?

It’s a good idea to revamp your website every three years. And by that, we mean changing the way your site looks and/or functions. For example, there are new technologies and plug-ins that would better showcase your product/service, create a more seamless user experience, and provide an opportunity for data capture. Evolving and staying current in your business is extremely important for your company’s identity in the marketplace. Updating your web design shows your company is continuing to adapt and grow with the changes in technology.

Could Websites Be Refreshed?

Refreshing your website includes adding new content, new features, and changing static imagery that might have become stale to your audience. Simple changes can have a big impact and help you increase your online visibility and credibility. Keep updating your site with new projects, testimonials, and other content to represent your business.

Not uploading new content or redesigning your website for long periods of time can create a perception challenge for your business. You need a content marketing strategy that ensures a consistent flow of information, which also makes it easier for web crawlers to find your website. Potential clients want to see new work and new technology integration. Your business may come off as careless, outdated, or even out of business—which will encourage them to find your competitors.

Are new clients finding you?

The huge benefit of revamping your website is search engine optimization (SEO), which is fundamental in digital marketing.  Google and other search engines are constantly evolving to deliver the best results and user experiences. If your website is out of date, you will move to the back of the “search” line. Make sure the content on your site is SEO friendly by using target words an keywords targeted to your industry.
Is your website due for a Redesign?

Giving your brand a makeover is a terrific marketing strategy to maintain relevancy and create excitement for your business. Don’t panic, our expert website developers and designers are ready to assist you. We can highlight your strengths and ensure that your website receives the online exposure it deserves and that it’s working its best for you.